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This page describes my capabilities and lessons learned with CNC machining. My first CNC machine is the MyDIYCNC machine, found here: and was built from the complete kit. The machine was upgraded with a more powerful spindle (300W DC), and corresponding stronger Z axis sled. The X-axis base was modified to increase travel range to 11.6", with a final total X/Y range of 11.6 x 4.2". I have since purchased a Harbor Freight Mill (#44991), aka Sieg X2 clone, which should be capable of machining aluminum. This page will also serve as a cost breakdown of all components needed for the complete systems.


MyDIYCNC System Cost

Part Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost Source
MyDIYCNC Complete Kit 1 $528.91 $528.91 MyDIYCNC
PCI-e 1x to Parallel Card (Rosewill RC-302E) 1 $24.43 $24.43 Newegg
Motor Speed Controller 1 $7.79 $7.79 eBay
300W DC Spindle 1 $81.89 $81.89 eBay
48V 360W DC Power Supply 1 $26.00 $26.00 eBay
Total Cost $669.02 (as of 11/12/15)