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The final 1W 445nm laser in operation.
Initial whiteboard plan for the laser using a Dorcy host.
Autodesk Inventor model of the Dorcy host.
Current overshoot measured on the Versadrive prototype board. It measures at 240mA (37.5% of full value) for 70uS.
Current ripple of the Versadrive prototype measures at 92mA max (14.4% of full value).

This is a project to create a 1 watt 445nm laser, using a diode from a Casio XJ-A140 projector in an Aurora 18650 host.

Project Status and Updates

  • 6.21.2010
    • Initial plan drawn up on whiteboard
    • Dorcy main body segment modeled in Autodesk Inventor
  • 6.23.2010
    • Dorcy flashlight button segment modeled in Autodesk Inventor
    • Dorcy flashlight assembly created in Autodesk Inventor
  • 7.6.2010
    • Class 4 warning sticker made and ordered from Zazzle
  • 7.8.2010
    • Plan changed, decided to use a much smaller 18650 host
    • Initial plan for new driver started
    • ATtiny24 selected as controlling MCU, for size and I/O requirements
  • 7.9.2010
    • PCB for driver started, found feasible
    • Design for driver started in WEBENCH online tools using LM3410
    • Multiple power modes tested using Op-Amp MOSFET driver
  • 7.11.2010
    • Schematics and part selection complete, PCB routing begun
  • 7.14.2010
  • 7.17.2010
    • Prototype PCB routed, coding begun
  • 7.23.2010
    • LM3410 samples received
    • Prototype built using sample IC, SB350 diode, 1.5uH inductor (pulled from Dell motherboard), and 9.5/18uF ceramic capacitors
    • Limited testing done at operating point of ~600mA output and ~4V battery voltage, LM3410 IC dissipates significant power, output appears to be clean with minimal overshoot during startup and no inductive spike at shutdown.
  • 7.25.2010
    • Testing done at ~300mA with probe set to 10x, ringing and current ripple around 50-80% of full scale
    • Versadrive project abandoned due to poor/unsafe performance
    • Micro BoostDrive ordered
  • 7.31.2010
    • Aixiz module and Micro BoostDrive received
    • Laser assembled, initial testing done, on-hand batteries found insufficient at drive current of 1200mA
    • AW 18650 battery ordered from Lighthound
  • 8.7.2010
    • Heatsink cut to size and attached to Micro BoostDrive to prevent overheating, found semi-effective
  • 8.11.2010
    • Micro FlexDrive v5 ordered to provide greater current output
  • 8.12.2010
    • Micro FlexDrive v5 order cancelled due to no stock
  • 1.7.2011
    • Power decreased on Micro BoostDrive to reduce heat, continuous runtime increased to ~1 minute, 29 seconds, still capable of igniting cardboard


Project Cost Breakdown

Component Cost Source Status
445nm1W XJ-A140 Diode $38.50 Group Buy - kiyoukan Alive, in use
Aurora SH-032 18650 Host $21.62 Dealextreme In use
Aixiz Module $3.39 HighTechDealz In use
Custom Copper Heatsink for Aurora Host $40.00 jayrob In use
Aixiz 445nm Glass Lens $11.00 jayrob In use
AW 2600mAh 18650 Protected Li-Ion Battery $18.78 Lighthound In use
Micro BoostDrive $26.00 Micro BoostDrive Alive, in use
Total Price $159.29 Price final