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This page describes the Phase Locked Loop (PLL) for the rev0VTx video transmitter.


Schematic for the rev0VTx PLL.
Board for the rev0VTx PLL.

The PLL is based around the Fujitsu MB15E07SL 2.5GHz PLL IC, and runs from a single 3.3V supply. The design is based on the HobbyKing 100mW 900 MHz video transmitter, described here: Reverse Engineering the 900MHz Video System The modified design used here uses a 16 MHz crystal for the reference frequency and is controlled by an on-board ATtiny13A microcontroller. A potentiometer can be read by the microcontroller which can be used to control the VCO frequency, or a single digital pin can be controlled via servo pulse or serial communication (to be determined) to control the frequency. The gerbers, Eagle schematic and board file can be found here:


PCB/Construction Photos